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Sanba ZAO
Haïti, 2010
48 min
Everyday life in Haitian depicted in a musical and spiritual documentary shot two months after the devastating earthquake of January 2010.
Shot two months after the devastating 2010 earthquake, Iranian-Costa Rican filmmaker Ishtar Yasin’s documentary captures extra-ordinary Haitians, who despite having lost everything, do not give up the struggle to heal and to create a better life for themselves. 

The documentary is a musical and spiritual journey, which includes the music of famous artist like the Boukman Eksperian Brothers, as well as unknown gifted artists.

With Paula Clermont Péan, Fabienne Denis, Mimerose Beaubrun and Theodore Beaubrun Junior, Samba Zao, Jonas Attis  and his band  Fa#, B.Jay and  Maile Alphonse.

All revenues generated by this film will be given by the production to the artists and victims.