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Namibia, 2003
53 min
Story of four people who were detained, tortured and imprisoned for years in underground dungeons by the liberation movement they had joined to free their country... Namibia
In the late 1970s, many Namibians went into exile to take up arms against the South African occupation. But the liberation movement South West African Peoples Organization, SWAPO, in exile was rent by division and insecurity. In a climate of fear stories of South African spies abounded. As a result, the liberation movement detained and tortured many of the exiles until they confessed to being South African enemy agents.

Pauline Dempers, Dean Waggie, Ben Gowiseb and Sam Thomas tell the story of exile, torture, imprisonment and final release. Their testimony is a tribute to those who never came home. As members of the Breaking the Wall of Silence Movement, they intend to hold the culprits accountable, in search for reconciliation, truth and justice.