By :
Andrew BOTELLE, Robert SCOTT
Namibia, 2011
78 min
Etosha National Park (Namibia) is world-famous for its huge herds of wildlife and stunning desert landscapes. This is a 2-part documentary that tells the human history of Etosha. Part 2.
The second part of this documentary recounts the last 100 years of Etosha as a Game Park.From the original inhabitants of Etosha, the Hai //om Bushmen, to the poachers, farmers and game guards that lived in Etosha, through half a century of Apartheid when everyone was forced out of the Game Park, to the liberation war and Namibia’s Independence in 1990, Part II ends celebrating 100 years of Etosha as a Game Park and its bright future. 

Born in Etosha Part II has been awarded for the Best Documentary at the Namibian Film Awards 2012.