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South Africa, 2011
45 min
Sierra-Leone : a gynecologist, a nurse and a 15-years old mother… A brave country trying to rebuild itself by caring for the health of mothers and children.
To be a gynecologist in Sierra Leone is no easy job, but Dr Koroma is a tenacious man, ready to face the challenge. 

The filmmakers spend a week in the maternity ward at Bo Government hospital, where Dr Koroma is the only gynecologist in the region. We follow him as he rushes from emergencies to training health workers and administrating the entire hospital.

One of his patients is 15-year old Sathu, orphaned & 39 weeks pregnant, facing motherhood alone. She is bewildered and terrified of the impending caesarian section that Dr Koroma has recommended. A young nurse and gender activist, Aminata Kabba, tries to comfort her, while she too is single-handedly raising 4 children and working strenuous shifts at the hospital.