By :
Dylan Valley
South Africa, 2010
52 min
A ground-breaking stage work mixing video, hip hop and poetry. Activist artists get their language back: Afrikaans as a tongue of liberation...
These rising stars are narrating the history of their people embracing both ancient traditions and state of the art technology to impart their message. Die Argitekbekke set out on a mission of investigation and redefinition combining storytelling, poetry, music, video and dance to tell the untold story of Afrikaans - a language of liberation. The film has two parralel narratives - one the creation of a ground breaking stage production and the other of self discovery as this group of young Capetonians reclaim their tongue and heritage.

AFRIKAAPS which is directed by Dylan Valley and edited Khalid Shamis is a Plexus Films/ Glass House Co-production.The Glasshouse is an international theatre collective founded by theatre makers Kees Roorda (NL) and Catherine Henegan (SA). They create interdisciplinary performances with actors, musicians, filmmakers, composers, visual artists, poets and rappers.

Afrikaaps the theatre show originally produced on the stage by The Glasshouse, Amsterdam and The Baxter Theatre Centre, Cape Town, in association with ABSA KKNK.