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South Africa, 2007
90 min
A whole village community fights AIDS-HIV with an unusual weapon: tapestry craft. A festival winning documentary.
In the tiny Eastern Cape hamlet of Hamburg a fully-fledged war is being fought. Grandmothers, the hospice and the good doctor Carol are fighting for hope, human dignity and the will to live. The women’s faithful fight to give to keep their community fit and on ARVs has been manifest in an incredible altarpiece, painstakingly sewn by 130 members.

This sensitive and studied portrait relays the strength, passion, tears and laughter of the wonderful characters in the altarpiece: the grandmother Eunice who is such an essential figure in the hospice that she forgets to look after herself, the musician/prophet that runs designs into the sand, the doctor constantly checking that her patients have taken their medicine, and the lost boy searching to find his place in the world.