By :
Carolyn SCOTT
United States, 2010
52 min
A humanitarian trip will change the life and views of 10 Europeans. A beautiful documentary narrated by Richard Branson.
Ten complete strangers head off to Kenya to transform a run down school. In just ten days they discover more than the joy of giving back to humanity, they rediscover themselves.

“Narrated by Sir Richard Branson, the documentary is stylized and observational with an internal narrative built through intimate portrayals of 10 European volunteers who volunteer to help rebuild a school. Through the children in this abandoned school and their families we see a human side of the Masai and the troubles its people face. 

The beauty of nature, the joy, the pain, the hope of the volunteers as well as the community they are there to help. This is a documentary about hope and what a small group of people can do in little time and how that can have a lasting effect and can not only help change the lives of others of but also change their own lives forever.”Debe Scott