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South Africa, 2011
60 min
Africa Mercy, a floating hospital heading to Benin. Two crossed destinies: Hyacinthe, 10, hoping to get his leg back; a South-African wealthy surgeon, looking for the meaning of life…
The Dawn of a New Day deals with access to health care issues through the eyes of three West Africans in need of specialized surgery. 

Meanwhile a South African plastic surgeon is searching for meaning as he leaves his successful private practice to volunteer on a hospitable ship – but at the risk of losing the woman he has always loved.

Hyacinthe is a 10 year-old boy growing up in rural West Africa. When he was a baby he fell into hot ash and the skin grew back, pulling the leg into a permanent folded position. He hasn’t seen his mother for three years. 

The hospital ship, the Africa Mercy, is sailing to Hyacinthe’s country, Benin, where free surgeries will be performed on board to the poor for no charge. However the surgeon can only see his wife three months a year, which may be too high a price that she is willing to pay.

Hyacinthe is temporarily reunited with his mother who must be his caregiver on the hospital ship. Can he convince her to not leave him once his leg heals?