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Brazil, 1989
93 min
A document tracing the path of the Brazilian black consciousness movement and a woman’s quest to find herself.
Orî means “head” in Yoroba, the language of the West-African ethnic group by the same name. In her film Raquel Gerber, traces the black emancipation movement in Brazil during the 1970s and 80s.  In collaboration with Beatriz Nascimento, who embarked on a search for her African identity, Gerber has made a film about important events in the movement’s history and about Nascimento’s personal journey. A journey inspired by the Quiolombos, the ancient African warriors who came to make up the black resistance in Brazil during the seventeenth century.

The title of the film refers both to the initiation of a person to a new stage in life, and of consciousness in terms of history, time and memory.