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Panama, 2001
52 min
A close portrait of a living legend of Salsa, who came to light in Panama, and lives at night in Paris.
Paris by night is a symbol in itself but for Latinos it is a magical moment when anything and everything can happen. It represents twelve hours of freedom after the day’s hardship. It is twelve hours of happiness during which, you can meet your friends and your clan, go for walk, meet new people, listen to music, drink and dance. Azuquita, a Panamanian but a long-time Parisian, shows us around cellar nightclubs, swinging radios to the tune of brass instruments and drums. Salsa’s little sugar left Panama for Porto Rico but settled in Paris, from where he tells us his story but also the story of the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame always beating the rhythm with a snap of his fingers and a clap of his hands.