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France, 1985
52 min
A roaddocumentary in search of the answer to the question why the colonized would go to war for the colonizer.
In May 1940 a platoon of Senegalese tirailleurs - soldiers from the colonies fighting for France in the Second World War - were attacked in the forests outside Ardennes in Belgium, and managed to fight back for a whole month. Four years later inhabitants returning back home after the truce found the bodies of the Senegalese fighters who died in the close combat.

Fifty years later film director Eric Deroo overhears a conversation about the incident in an Ardennes coffee shop and decides to find out more about the tirailleurs who left their homes to fight for the country that colonized their own, and often ended up sacrifying their lives. He embarks on a journey that will take him to cities, villages and even the bush in search of surviving soldiers who share their memories of the month-long combat and their heroic fight.