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France, 1990
52 min
Dive deep into the hot African nightlife ... in Paris, a vibrating capital for many Africans & Caribbeans.
PARIS is the theatre of this musical voyage, even if at times one escapes from it for the anonymous suburbs. But a secret Paris of an ultramarine color, ignored by the official guides and noctambulants who stick to routine, consists of small African Islands, Caribbean, American, or the West Indies, made up of a thousand shattered places, short lived and vibrating, that those frequenting them enhance with exotism, not needing shoddy goods from their far away homelands.

BLACK is the dominating color of our actors, even if black is less the color of their skins than a state of mind, an art of living, or a sign of gratitude, a pulsion, the way they dress, laugh, dance, play music or listen to it. NIGHT is a privileged moment in our enquiries and wanderings in a «Black» Paris, delivered from the grey shadows and the inelegance of daily life.