By :
Comoros, 1999
52 min
A travel diary across the Comores Islands, including Mayotte, still a French dominion.
Emerging from the waters of the Indian Ocean Comoros islands, volcanic and coral, dotted with tropical trees have been marked by Islam, forgotten by colonial France. Only the moon protects ... African, Muslim and French at a time, Mayotte is also a natural wonder, embedded in a huge lagoon. In this scene, the filmmaker encounters a society of mixed secular traditions and modernity. Homes for singles to rituals seduction of women Mayotte, this confetti of the Republic has way inferior to those of neighboring Mozambique Channel ... Farther calmer too, Grande Comore Ngazidja impressive: one of largest craters in the world watch on the flanks of a proud people and Free. The great perfume essences come from there and tales wonderful Saudi perpetuated under the moon ...