By :
Madagascar, 2003
52 min
A travel diary across the African « continent-island ».
In front of the one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Diego, the filmmaker attempts to follow in the footsteps of the colonial presence. Its meetings are all imbued with nostalgia, history and learning the customs of this coastal region. An old sailor tells Libertalia this utopian republic, a peasant woman recalls the overwhelming commitment to Madagascar. The hot nights of a port above the venerable ancestor worship at the foot of a sacred mountain. Further, the discovery of deposits of sapphires created ghost towns... The Britons, adventurers of love or canoes, bringing the traveler at the border of heaven. Nosy Be, where the relaxation could be the only activity of this island, revealed by his Prince, by its ruins and fady and prohibitions, an idyllic world where history is eventful mestizo simplest pleasures.