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South Africa, 2010
52 min
Felinda is an alcoholic and wants to stop drinking, but she needs help. With no money and little state assistance she embarks on an emotional journey in search of sobriety and recovery.
Felinda gave birth to her first child at 15 years old and by 16 she had started to drink. She is now unemployed and lives on the breadline with her abusive boyfriend in a tiny house on the Cape Flats. Felinda can no longer care for her young daughter and she is looked after by another family.

Now, after 10 years of heavy drinking Felinda wants to stop and she needs help.  Like the majority of South Africans, she cannot afford the private rehabs, so her search begins in the public sector. Through Felinda’s emotional journey of perseverance and determination, we see what treatment options are available in the Western Cape, a province that faces the highest addiction rates in South Africa.