By :
Izette Mostert
South Africa, 2012
52 min
Aware cancer will take her away soon, Patricia, 85, begs her son to help her. Sean will be jailed for euthanasia and assisted suicide.
In 2006 Sean Davison spent his days next to his dying mother's bed. Patricia, a respected doctor and psychiatrist was 85 and had cancer. After an ongoing battle, and with her medical background, she realised that she would not get healthy again.

She wrote a living will and made it clear to her 4 children, Fergus, Mary, Jo and Sean, that she was ready to die. Patricia went on a hunger strike and after 35 days, she realised that it was in vain, she begged her youngest son, Sean, to please help her.

This is Sean's painful and moving story of how he gave her a lethal dose of morphine and the impact this had on his life. He kept a moving diary of the last days with his mother and later published this in his book; Before We say Goodbye. An original copy of the manuscript landed at the police and as Euthanasia and assisted suicide are illegal in New Zealand, Sean was charged with murder and assisted suicide.

In 2010 he was released on bail and could come back to South Africa but in October 2011 Sean had to return to New Zealand for his trial. He ended up pleading guilty to assisted suicide and got a sentence of 5 months home detention in New Zealand.

His wife, Raine and their two young boys, Flynn and Finnian had to stay in South Africa while he was serving his sentence in New Zealand. On 2 May 2012 Sean Davison returned to his family in South Africa.

The documentary follows Sean from before his trial until he is reunited with his family. It makes use of archive of his mother's funeral, the court case and him visiting his mother's house shortly after his arrest. It gives us an intimate look into his life, why he helped his mother to die and the impact on his life. We also interview his brother Fergus and sister Joanna.