By :
Stéphane DISS
South Africa, 1994
52 min
Tourists love post-Apartheid South Africa, but next to the glossy destinations is another rarely seen reality.
When Apartheid finally ended in 1994, South Africa ceased to be a country non grata and could finally open its doors to international tourism. One of the many destinations that attract tourists is “The Lost City”, built by Sol Kerzner, the founder of the gamblers’ paradise and luxury resort Sun City, which was located in Bophuthatswana, one of the former so-called “homelands”. Through dubious methods Kerzner secured the gambling rights from the head of the puppet state and made a fortune in a region ravaged by poverty and misery.

The legendary hotel “The Palace of the Lost City” is regarded as the most spectular not just in South Africa, but the whole world.