By :
France, 2008
52 min
The earth and man are linked since the dawn of time. Between pollution and parasites, climate disruption and all these factors destabilizing the ecosystem. ... This film reveals the degradation of an environment, which affects all living beings who inhabit, and also the planet itself.
Since the last century, technological progress has projected our society towards a new world of promising horizons. But industrial and chemical production has increased organic or inorganic pollutants. Motivated by the performance and dimmed by competitiveness, humanity is destroying the roots that underpin the foundations of survival by diverting the rules of living for its own purposes. This unprecedented increase of pollutants in our environment has already revealed many human tragedies and assumptions of future global ecological disaster. Man, like all living things belong to an ecosystem. However, the degradation of an environment affects all living beings who populate it, all the materials that compose it. Conversely, human pollution can be amplified by the action of an animal, plant or even a natural chemical.

The greatest scientists have been already on alert to this phenomenon for many years. Today, they utter a cry of alarm: "The human species is in danger!"