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France, 2000
52 min
Join the judges - dedicated women and men in robes in their tireless legal battle against war criminals across the globe.
In 2002, the persistent efforts of a group of dedicated women and men bore fruit, as the International Criminal Court (ICC) was made permanent. The court, which deals with crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, is the continuation of the courts that operated in an ad hoc-fashion in the aftermaths of the brutal and ghastly wars of the former Yougoslavia and Rwanda.

The Judges’ Fight is a film about a court designed to ensure that the days of impunity, and the time when war criminals walked free after having commited atrocious crimes, will never come back. By holding the guilty ones legally accountable for crimes perpetrated during times of war or aggression, existing and potential tyrants of today and tomorrow will hopefully think twice before terrorizing their own populations and those of other countries.