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Kgafela oa Magogodi
South Africa, 2006
50 min
"i am not a lick-ass poet i give no blowjobs to politicians my tongue can't be bought”. A film of words that’’ll leave you speechless.
i MIKE what i LIKE, the world’s first spoken word film, is a riveting tour de force of visual poetry directed by Jyoti Mistry. It offers a visceral connection with language and a fluid, narrative, cinematic experience that is a kaleidoscopic visual interpretation of Kgafela oa Magogodi’s powerful words.

The film is a roving conversation of words, images, text, music, graphics and performance set to jazz improvisation and action painting. i MIKE what i LIKE navigates a roller coaster ride via the birth pains of a young society through its premature initiation on the seething streets of the city of Johannesburg to the deepest moments of internal intimacy. Kgafela speaks the unspeakable and mikes what he likes in the tradition of Steve Biko, Ayi Kwei Armah, and Dambudzo Marechera.

i MIKE what i LIKE is based on the stage play of the same title that was part of the 52 Seasons at the South African State Theatre, Pretoria.