By :
Lambert NDZANA
Cameroon, 2008
83 min
African cinema is scrutinized. Directors, producers and actors exchange on the situation and the prospects of the 7th art in the continent.
Is African cinema still alive? What are the issues that surround it, and what are the solutions? So many questions addressed in this documentary that dissects the ills that undermine the seventh art done in Africa. The speech is the same everywhere. Directors just like producers struggle to find ways for African cinema to survive. The industry professionals from all backgrounds express their viewpoints. The questioning is narrowing and widening with advanced and tangible arguments. Too dependent on foreign aid, African cinema is known film festivals because of the non-visibility in its own continent. Africa itself, does not promote its films. Therefore, the filmmakers should take their destiny head on. To do this, the financial and technical resources, a good training and specialization in specific areas is clearly crucial. African filmmakers have to work hard to revive the African cinema. A priesthood for the younger generation that will nourish the hope of reviving the art from its ashes.