By :
Lambert NDZANA
Cameroon, 2008
26 min
With this interview, we lift the veil on the profession of forensic. In this world of the dead, there is only the love that can cope to various prejudices, and especially when this job is exercised by a woman.
Do not we say that one is master of his destiny? Saratou nurse examiner, say "yes". Nourished by the passion she feels for her job, she feels above all prejudices. With the support of her family and her surroundings, she unveils the art that our society tends to dramatize. The profession of forensic is an occupation that is not embraced by men and even less by women. Indeed we note the absence of the female gender in the management of this service. A service where, we also face to a persecution of certain persons, who are in connection with the occult practices. Muslim and having faith in what she is doing, Saratou silenced prejudice and reveals the mystery...