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Ivory Coast, 2002
120 min
During two interview hours, Gbagbo relates his struggle as a heroic-opponent until his take over of the power. A controversial and unique documentary that takes a bigger dimension following the June 2011 events.
For two decades, he was the shy opponent of Felix Houphouët-Boigny and Ouattara the former prime minister. In this documentary, Laurent Gbagbo relates his political journey, started in his native village of Mama. Due to the precarious political climate in Ivory Coast, he went into exile in France for years and finally returned to Abidjan in September 1988 to pursue his battle. With his testimonies of those of his wife Simone-leading character within the recently dismissed regime- we follow the major facts that marked his political life. following particular the February 18th 1992 marches which lead to the imprisonment of Laurent Gbagbo and other leaders of his party.

In December 1999, Ivory Coast lived its political takeover with the eviction of Henri Konan Bedie and the coming to power of General Robert Gueï. The 2000 elections designate Laurent Gbagbo as president, the ultimate recognition after a long fight for power and democracy. This documentary was presupposed to be the first episode of a series following the lives of African political figures but the political climate in Africa, the war in Ivory Coast forced the director to give up.

10 years after, this is a documentary worth seeing today in the light of the recent events…

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