By :
M. Gentille ASSIH
Togo, 2009
52 min
Despite respecting tradition Déou hesitates to submit himself to the bloody and risky practice of circumcision. But his father has no time for his son’s concerns.
While studying Dakar, Déou is ordered by his father to return home to the village. The time has come for his ritual circumsision. Conflicted by his respect for the culture of his and those who came before him, Déou is also concerned about the safety aspects of the ageold tradition. Some of the villagers share his concerns while others care more about keeping the tradition alive.

Instead of simply adopting a stance for or against the cultural practice of circumsision, and uninterested in promoting modernity at the cost of tradition, Togolese director Gentille M. Assih explores the possibility of peaceful coexistence between the present and the past in his film which is part of AFRICADOC’s collection “Lumières d’Afrique”.