By :
Maïmouna GUEYE
Senegal, 2010
52 min
Soccer World Cup 2002 : Senegal 1, France 0. The story of an African nation beating its former colonial master might have been to good to be true.
Passion is not strong enough a word to describe how soccer fans feel about their favourite sport. Not just a sport, soccer has almost become a religion and a movement that unites people across the world while turning others into enemies for no other reason than supporting rivaling teams.

When The Lions of Teranga – the Senegalese national team - made it to the African Cup of Nations finals and the World Cup quarterfinals in 2002, they became the pride of Senegal and the entire continent. And after that - nothing. The Lions - the team that was the hope of African soccer - surprised an entire world by never again reaching the heights of 2002. And no one really understood why.

The Senegalese director Maïmouna Gueye takes us back to where it started, and where it seems to have ended.