By :
Eléonore YAMEOGO
Burkina faso, 2011
68 min
Paris is a dream for many West African, but the reality turns out to be hell for most of them. A courageous doc prized at Ouagadougou and Montreal.
Myths are travel & migrations bearers. African people often travel to Europe with their heads full of idealistic images of the beautiful Eldorada in order to find the ultimate salvation and good fortune. For those returning or visiting home empty –handed, not validating the myth of Paris the famous city of light by sharing their good fortune is such a disgrace.

In reality, life there is merciless. The lives of Parisian Immigrants mirror an immoderate fight scene where the sweetest dream can turn into the worst nightmare. Thus starts the lies to others and the lies to oneself sometimes. Appearances take the lead followed by the reality that fights against the myth. The beautiful pictures, the goods news often hide the pain of these heroic travelers.
The thought of a return to the homeland is so complicated that it quickly turns into a dreaded myth. Myth of the heroic return, myth of the Eldorado is food to the flux movements & suffering of African immigrants in the Western world.