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Niger, 2008
52 min
Ousseini has one foot in the past, the other in the future, and a big family to support in the present. After his father’s death, life changes for the young Ousseni
When Ousseini’s father dies he inherits everything, including the responsibility for his father’s wives and children. On top of that the young man also takes over the leadership of the local butchers’ society in his hometown Zinder in Niger. The society is conservative and traditional, and the small town rather isolated. As a consequence businesses suffer, but the butchers, who value tradition more than anything, are reluctant to change and open to the outside world. Ousseini, whose additional financial responsibilities are forcing him to explore new sources of income, is different.

Malam Saguirou’s fifth documentary deals with the battle of a young man to reconcile the flexibility required of a successful businessman, with the sense of tradition expected from a leader of a prestigious traditional association. The film was selected as a Berlinale doc.station project in 2006.