By :
Jean-François MÉAN
Tanzania, 2010
58 min
Attacks against people with the albino condition world in Tanzania and elsewhere continue to shock. Lucrative organ trafficking is the reason behind the heinous crimes.
The world was shocked to learn about a wave of murderous attacks against people with albinism that started in Tanzania in 2007. People with albinism are considered to be cursed and are therefore discriminated against. And if that was not bad enough, greedy and malicious traditional healers are strong forces behind the trafficking of organs from people living with the condition. The healers use the organs that are believed to contain supernatural powers, to make expensive magic potions.

Vicky Ntetema, a Tanzanian journalist working for the BBC, who decided to investigate the horrible phenomenon, met many survivors and people who had lost loved ones in the attacks during her extensive and often dangerous research. The film aims to create awareness and support around albinism and the vulnerable situation of those afflicted.