By :
Sidbewênde Bernard YAMEOGO
Burkina faso, 2008
52 min
The story of Adama Cheik Tegara – a Burkinabe who learnt that the grass is not always greener in Europe and returned home – is told to the tunes of Ticken Jah Fakoli.
African immigrants in Switzerland often suffer a severe culture shock caused by the differences in almost every aspect between life back home and life in a small and not just literally cold country.
Difficulties to obtain a visa block access to any opportunity to create a better life and to escape the hardship that made them leave their countries in the first place. In 1998 Switzerland introduced a repatriation program aimed at assisting immigrants who agreed to return home. 
Adama Cheik Tegara was one of them who chose to go home. Today he uses his experiences to motivate Burkinabe youth, whom he refers to as the spear of the nation, to stay at home and build Burkina.