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Senegal, 2005
86 min
Positive Black Soul, Black Stars, Alif … : the first documentary on the most activist and vibrant hip hop scene in West Africa. Rap it up !
Senegal’s rap artists have become the messengers of young compatriots who want freedom, truth and change. The road towards fulfilling the dream of stardom and at the same time achieving change in a stagnating society is a bumpy one, and every step of the way is a struggle. 
The film follows the coming into being of a movement led by passionate local rappers like PBS, Black Stars, Alif. In French and Wolof, they convey the messages of Senegalese youth through their rhymes. They rap about politics, economy and life in general. Having proven more than once that they have the power to change their country, they are a vital part of the new Senegalese political movement of rap and uprising named after their message: “Y en a marre!” -“We’ve had it!” and “Boul Fallé!” – “What The ****”
Hip hop activists were key players in recent presidential elections in Senegal. They initiated the BOUL FALE motto that led to Abdu Diouf defeat in 1999, and again, with YEN A MARRE in 2012, when his successor Abdulaye Wade was voted against by over 60%.