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Ghana, 2010
52 min
A quick tour to know more about arts & craft in Ghana, with a focus on beads. Educational and high production standards.
Bead making has gradually become recognised in the Ghanaian society and has for many years been a source of income for many people. Various artists explain the types of beads and their significance, as a traditional way of expression for those who wear them.

Nowadays, beads have become popular even among the urban youth who use them fashion wise. Discover the processes of producing beads and listen to artists talking about their inspirations, motives, successes and challenges.

The second part follows craftmen in their work with wood, metal and bamboo, mostly to produce furniture and decoration items.

This documentary is brought to us by the upmarket production house VILLAGE COMMUNICATIONS, who previously released the top selling TV series TAXI DRIVER and GAME PEOPLE PLAY.