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Ghana, 2010
52 min
A quick tour to know more about sculpting and ceramics in Ghana. Educational and high production standards.
Watch and listen to various Ghanaian sculptors sharing their experience in the art. They explain what goes into creating a piece of work, the tools they use, their motivation, successes, challenges and the intended impact of their work on society. This documentary features artist like Nee Owoo, Kofi Setordzi among others.

Another important art form, also dealing with shapes and volumes, is Ceramics. The 2nd part of this film delves into the creation process of ceramic ware and has artists explaining the symbolism and essence of the wares they create. It features lecturers from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and firms that purely produce ceramics – who explain the cultural and economic benefits of the work they do relating to themselves and the country.

This documentary is brought to us by the upmarket production house VILLAGE COMMUNICATIONS, who previously released the top selling TV series TAXI DRIVER and GAME PEOPLE PLAY.