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Ghana, 2010
52 min
A quick tour to know more about painting and photography in Ghana. Educational and high production standards.
Painters use their art to express themselves and share their thoughts on society, nature, the human anatomy among others. The film highlights the uses of painting, the role that educational institutions and galleries play in the arts industry and in nurturing artists in Ghana. It also features artists explaining the process of their work, its intended impact and how beneficial it has been to their livelihoods. The documentary is summed up with some advice from the artist on how young ones can follow suit.

The 2nd part shows the importance of photography (especially to other professions like Journalism, Advertising, Geography, Medicine etc.), the process of film development and why life would not be the same without an art form of this nature. It features pioneer artists like Nene Fred Attoh, Kwamena Aboagye,  Keith Osay and others.

This documentary is brought to us by the upmarket production house VILLAGE COMMUNICATIONS, who previously released the top selling TV series TAXI DRIVER and GAME PEOPLE PLAY.