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Ghana, 2010
26 min
The passage from childhood to womanhood is not easy, but the Dipo rite makes for a smoother transition.
Like most societies – modern and traditional - the Krobos in Ghana acknowledges the passage from childhood to adulthood with a ritual. The Krobo practices an ageold traditional passage rite called the Dipo; a puberty rite for young girls about to take their first step into womanhood considered so important that a Krobo woman who refuses to subject herself to the rite is not even allowed to get married. Dipo begins on the day of the young girls’ first period and from this day they are isolated from the rest of the community and introduced to the secrets of feminity, among them sexuality and birth control.

Dressed in loincloths and pearls and accompanied by the sound of tambours, the women go through the different stages of the initiation rite and come out as fully fleshed Krebo women.