By :
Khady SYLLA, Charlie VAN DAMME
Senegal, 2008
47 min
Many Senegalese girls are forced to leave home to work as servants under slave like conditions. A radical and acclaimed film about their reality.
The story of one Senegalese domestic worker is one shared by many Senegalese girls who - often when they are as young as twelve and sometimes even younger – leave their homes to start working as servants in other peoples’ homes. Amy is a young woman whose story of servitude and powerlessness is being told in this film. It is a story about being trapped in a livelihood that is as much a salvation from poverty as a road to nowhere, neither in terms of financial security, nor in terms of development.

The Monologue of the Mute, a documentary with fictionalized elements, has been screened at film festivals all over the world. It is an activist film that aims to put the spotlight on a vulnerable category of people, while giving voice to those who are rarely in possession of a platform to talk about their concerns.