By :
Marie-Samantha SALVY
Togo, 2011
32 min
The puzzling phenomenon of Sunday crowd jogging in Lome, Togo. A still-doccie that became a festival must.
Initially, people started running with training soldiers, during the controversial strikes in the 1990s. Soon the entire city got involved, as the run became an event you couldn’t afford to miss, fulfilling a vital need, bridging gaps caused by different religious, ethnic and social backgrounds. Gradually, athletic groups were set up and these have fostered a spirit of sharing and caring, joy and tolerance among the people of Lome.

Through the portrait of 10 Lomeans, the film expresses the soothing effect of this collective run. A very original pièce, made of still photographs and voice over ans street takes, that progressively sets a steady pace inside the viewer’s eyes and mind. An unusual film, successful in festivals : an art-doccie filmmaker is born.

LOME VIVINA is a documentary by Marie-Samantha Salvy on the amazing Sunday run in Lome, Togo. This film reports on an event that has been taking place regularly for over 20 years now.


- Sport TV and movies Festival, FICTS, Milano, Italy
- La Semaine asymétrique in Marseille, France

- Festival Liberté de circulation, Lomé, Togo
- Fémi festival, Guadeloupe, France
- Planète 3 couleurs festival « Curieux Voyageurs », Saint Etienne, France
- Le Pègue, Montbrison and Foix, France
- Atakpamé and Bobo, Burkina Faso
- Film Festival in Tiznit, Marocco
- International Film Festival in Moroni, Comoros
- Film Festival of Sobo Dabe, Senegal
• Private screening at the Oxylane Art Foundation
• Screening at the Goethe Institut in Lomé, Togo

- FIFAI (International Film from islands and Africa Festival), Reunion Island, France
- Séquence court métrage, Cinémathèque de Toulouse, France
- Première at Art festival Les Itinerrances des Poissons rouges, Valence, France, june 2011

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Réalisation, Photographies et prise de son : Marie-Samantha Salvy
Assistants photographie et prise de son : Madgé Ayïté, Aimé Mensah
Montage image : Julie Delord
Étalonnage : Benjamin Clavel
Habillage : Arnaud Jarsaillon 
Montage son : Olivier Péria
Mixage : Séverin Favriau
Musiques et chants : Koffi Vidada dit Didier, La Compagnie Blewu
Assembé Akanto, Alpha Footing Club, Marie-Aude Salvy
Production : Bérangère Condomines

Une production Lacoupure et M.-S. Salvy
With the support of la Fondation d’art Oxylane
la Direction départementale Jeunesse et Sport de la Drôme
la Fondation CréAvenir pour le Crédit Mutuel