By :
Eric ELLÉNA, Clara OTT
Senegal, 2010
49 min
The Fulani way of living in harmony with nature should be an inspiration and not on the verge of extinction.
The demographic explosion in West- and Central Africa has led to an increased need for food, while at the same time the situation of the traditional Fulani sheperds who provide the food continues to grow worse. The grazing lands of the Fulani wild stock have been hit by drought and the Fulanis also suffer from discrimination and violent attacks. In fact one could easily be lead to believe that some of the promoters of idea of the world as a global village have forgotten that the Fulanis are part of this world and need to be considered as such.

Director Claire Ott has made a film about a group whose suffering has been overlooked and whose flexible and respectful way of living in harmony with nature is threatened by the very societies that could learn a lot about sustainable development from them.