By :
Jean-Thomas RENAUD
Chad, 2000
52 min
Travel diary through an almost forbidden region. A tale of landscape, elephants and men.
The journey starts in mountain villages of a moon-like volcanic landscape. We move on to the great savannah, Waza national park, rich in elephants, antelopes, and giraffes. Then we reach N’Djamena on the banks of Chari river, the capital of Chad. Heading further North, we finally reach Lake Chad, remarkable maze of marshes and papyrus islands. From the air, it offers the peculiar sight of wheat fields, polders and fishermen in the middle of the desert. The journey ends in the oasis of Kanem, surrounded by the first dunes of the Sahara.

Each step is full of adventures and encounters. A witchdoctor using crabs for predicting the future, an old man who tells stories of ancient invasions, a chief whose Christian community shares its space with hippopotami, a merchant who trades camels, a German traveler who crosses the Sahara: each encounter helps us unravel the mysteries and traditions of these wild and remote lands.

By the time we reach our final destination, we can no longer associate Chad with the wars and conflicts that made headlines not so long ago. The traveler has developed a new and fresh perspective of this tough yet generous country.