By :
Pierre KOGAN
Benin, 2001
52 min
Many of the more than one million prisoners in Africa have never seen a lawyer. Activist from Penal Reform International are standing up for their rights, in Benin, Kenya and Malawi.
Ninety-nine percent of Africa’s prison population of more than one million consists of people who are too poor to afford a lawyer. As a consequence numerous men and women remain incarcerated for years waiting for trials that never take place. African prisons are overpopulated and the conditions for the prisoners worse than inhumane. Inspired by the case of Malawi where paralegals are assisting national legal authorities in solving the backlog problem, Benin, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania have launched similar programs. 

The film, which was commissioned by the NGO Penal Reform International, was shot in Benin, Kenya and Malawi, and follows the work of these paralegals.