By :
Jean-Daniel BÉCACHE
Cameroon, 2000
52 min
While no one looks twice at black poverty, the fact that there are poor whites in Cameroon is considered so strange that people say they lost their colour.
This provocative documentary deals with immigration and integration in Africa from an unusual perspective by focusing on white poverty on a continent where white supremacy is rarely contested. That not all white people are rich should not come as a surprise, but the assumption that white skin in Africa implies wealth is so deeply rooted that the sight of fairskinned people who are living under the same conditions as the majority of black Africans awakes feelings of disgust and surprise with both white and black.

In Cameroon the concept of poor white people is viewed as such an anomaly that they are referred to as “false whites”. Controversial French director Jean-Daniel Béchache introduces us to some of them.