By :
Jean-Daniel BÉCACHE
Cameroon, 2009
52 min
From coloniaslism via neo-colonialism to the era of trade with China and Chinese migration to Africa. What will be different this time?
Bilateral trade between the new superpower China and African countries have exploded over the last twenty years. It is impossible to not consider the impact of the Chinese presence in the light of centuries of colonialism and neo-colonialism and its consequences, and to ask the question “What is the price to be paid by the continent this time?”  In countries like Cameroon the geopolitical impact of the exchange is there for everyone to see, as is the positive impact in terms of a substantially improved infrastructure.

The film with the controversial title takes a hard look at the Chinese community living in Cameroon and asks whether they have integrated into everyday life in Cameroon. It also provides a platform for some Cameroonians to vent their concerns.