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Cameroon, 2000
52 min
Henry Eyt Dessus, who came to Africa as a young adventurer, has become a visionary with ideas on how man and nature can coexist peacefully.
The charismatic adventurer Henry Eyt-Dessus first came to Cameroon in 1951 with virtually no money to his name. After what turned out a dangerous but highly successful venturing into fishing, the explorer moved to the north of the country where he founded the ranch N’Gaoundaba. He becomes a breeder of note, a wildlife guide as well as a man with visions about how to protect the local fauna. So forward thinking was Henry Yet Dessus that his ideas became the guiding principles of the Professional Hunters’ Association.

The film tells the story of the man whose legacy is still alive and whose impact on hunting both in France and Cameroon has been substantial.