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Gabon, 2002
52 min
The passionate life of one of tha last great adventurers, and his last quest of Babiroussa, an officially extinct sterk-pig.
Maurice Patry was one of those adventurers who pushed themselves to their limits to reach their dreams. In 1951, Maurice set his first record by travelling over 6000 miles across Africa in a kayak. After that, he settled in Gabon, where he ran special hunting safaris. Hunters with Maurice Patry were known to follow many trails but to shoot very little as he was a big animal lover and worked for their conservation. His last quest was perhaps his most daring. He went on a journey to find an animal specie that had officially gone extinct for about 100 years, a sterk-pig named Babiroussa.

Maurice Patry died in Paris in 1998 at the age of 74, leaving behind him a book, and a great number of pictures and film footage which give life to this documentary.