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Mauritania, 2009
52 min
The curse of African oil might be but a fantasy, but Mauritania’s newfound and badly managed wealth is a threat to the fishing industry and political stability.
When oil was first found in Mauritania in 2001, things started to change in the Northwestern African country that many claim has been struck by the curse of African oil. Since then, Mauritania has witnessed political instability and corruption as well as a severely negative impact on the country’s fragile ecosystem. While stakeholders in the oil industry are anxious to keep the oil flowing, experts on oil winning, ecologists, and some members of the Mauritanian government are worrying about the devastating consequences of an oil spill. An event that is likely to happen at one point.

The film is investigating the conflict between profit and environmental consciousness, and is also trying to find out whether there is such a thing as an African oil curse.