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France, 2006
52 min
Chaplin, the cultural centre of Le Val Fourré in France refuses to give in to the fear that reigns in the dreaded suburb.
Chaplin is a cultural centre in Le Val Fourré, France’s biggest and most infamous suburb that has come to symbolize the misery of suburbia every time riots or other incidents are taking place in the country. The 25,000 inhabitants of Le Val Fourré are living in a world void of all the things that makes a town or a place a comfortable and joyful place to live. When Chaplin organizes events it is always during the day as, come nighttime the area becomes dangerous land that many avoid. Pierre Kueny who is running the centre, and his staff are struggling to get the reluctant inhabitants to attend the events, and are constantly reminding themselves that culture is not just art, but a means to bring people together.