By :
Olivier DROUOT
Cuba, 2002
52 min
Despite the cry “Until Victory Always” and a revolution that never ends, nothing seems to have changed for Cuba’s poor.
Thirty years after Che Guevara’s death, many Cubans are bitter and disappointed over the failure to create a more just society, and more concerned about the dollar than the revolution. The revolutionary hero’s face has become a commodity that the Cuban regime uses in their efforts to keep the revolution alive, and the tourist industry exploits as a world famous, trendy and lucrative brand. What was named “A Special Period in Time of Peace” - a consequence of the fall of communism in the Eastern block 1990s - has become a permanent condition. Everyone is living in the future, hoping for better times to come.

The filmmaker is taking the temperature of a failed revolution at the time of the repatriation of Che Guevara’s remains.