By :
Justin EYA'AN, Sanson ENAME
Cameroon, 2005
52 min
A miniature Africa with numerous ethnic groups, Cameroon’s example provides insight into how an independent African state manages its original and imposed heritage.
The Parliament of Cameroon, instituted by the British and the French in the 1940s is one of the few that has remained intact during the course of time. It is not the first democratic institution in this land however, where numerous tribes used to live side by side under democratic forms in pre-colonial times. When first the Germans and later the French invaded the country, they established governing institutions based on the structures in their own countries without taking into account what was already there and functioning.
In Sanson Ename’s and Justin Eya’an’s documentary, academics, journalists and politicians explain the inner political workings of a country, which is balancing the traditional ways of managing an ethnically diverse country with those of a modern African state.