By :
Maïmouna N'DIAYE
Burkina faso, 2009
61 min
4 short films capture the unfolding of the Abidjan crisis between 2002 and 2004 through the lives of ordinary people.
In her collection of short films, French-born Senegalese actress, TV-host and filmmaker Maïmouna N’Diaye explores the Ivorian crisis from the perspective of the people.

Curfew – let’s talk about it
The inhabitants are trying to lead normal lives in the midst of a curfew during financially and politically insecure times.

The Tasmanian Devil
As the Ivorian crisis deepened, anti-French sentiment increased. Some, as a consequence, saw no other solution than to leave the country, their homes and assets behind. 

Mr Mazot
The former military cum garage-owner refuses to leave Abidjan despite his children’s efforts to convince him to come home to France.

After a short stint in prison on false charges, Pauline – an English teacher in Abidjan – decides to start a support organisation for imprisoned women and their children.