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South Africa, 2011
23 min
A dark day in the history of the Rastafari community in South Africa.
The Marcus Garvey informal settlement in Philippi, Cape Town mourns the loss of elder Ras Champion who was gunned down by MetroPolice with supposedly rubber-bullets under their raid known as operation 'Choke' and later died in hospital

'David vs Goliath' tells the story of Ras Champion a community leader who was killed in his plight to defend the rights of innocent crèche teachers and children from being arrested.

This incident is echoed in the recent killing of a community activist Andries Tatane during a service delivery protest.
These events are results of the new policy proposed by National police chief Bheki Cele, commanding police to "shoot to kill" criminals without worrying about "what happens after that".
The film address the serious crisis poor communities are facing towards police brutality.