By :
Sara Blecher
South Africa, 2010
90 min
With nothing to lose, taking drugs and surfing trains might be less frightening for Prince, Lefa and Mzembe than growing up in a society that has nothing else to offer.
Prince  a.k.a. “Bitch Nigga”, Lefa and Mzembe are three young boys who live in the township of Soweto outside Johannesburg. They form part of a forgotten generation, who were born when Apartheid was abolished but who nevertheless remain marginalized and unable to enjoy the fruits of freedom. With little to lose and limited opportunities to realise their dreams of a better life, they devote their lives to drugs and train surfing – a dangerous pastime that – like the drugs that they are addicted to - can kill them at any moment.

The director of  “Otelo Burning”, Sara Blecher’s award-winning documentary gives voice to disenfranchised unemployed youth who, though Apartheid is over, are facing a bleak future. Prince, Lefa and Mzembe were given cameras and have shot parts of the film that follows them over a four-year period. 

Sensitive viewers are warned that parts of film feature strong language and drug use.